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Shut up, you're my person

I make no apologies for how I choose to repair what you broke

12 April 1988
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About me
22. Horticulturist. Plant Pathologist. Plant Virologist. Check-out chick. Full of Smiles. Loves Life. Adores Her Friends. Reads Like a Madwoman. Especially Classics. Listens to Music...All the Time. Wants to Travel. Can't afford to Travel. Still a Student...By Choice. Honours Student that is. And Maybe Next Year a PhD Student. Because I Love Not Having a Life. I Also Love Steve. He's MY Everything. I'm Not Asking Him to Be Yours, Just Respect He is Mine! Drives to Calm Down. I Have Lots of Goals. And Somedays I feel Like I Will Never Achieve Them. I Also Like the Random Use of Capitalised Words in Sentences. Rambles Nonsense. Will Dance When There is No-one Around. Writes Anything and Everything in Her LiveJournal, and THAT is Why it's Friends Only. Oh and the Internet Narkiness PISSES ME OFF! Other Than My Sometimes Crazy Temper, I'm Really an Awesome Person, And Maybe a Little Full of Myself. But Someone Has to Give Me Credit, Right

Knitting, dancing, reading, moonlight, christmas, sleeping in, holidays, chemistry, biology, plants, riding my bike, baths, long walks, silly discussions, baking, cakes, muffins, lollies, books, pink, purple, blue, yellow, green and red, cats, dogs, blue skies, ice cream, jelly, knitting needles, wool, yarn, storms, lightening, rain, camping, asparagus, scarves, true crime, romance, socks, winter and long games of monopoly

Brussel sprouts, people who are nasty just for sake of it, arrogant people, gin, bourbon, exercise, bullies, summer (mainly because of the heat), sweating, sleazy men, pointless assignments, being sick

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knitting is love
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plants are love
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dancing is love
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shoes are love
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